Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ed Kilgore on the Republicans' Outreach to African-Americans

A nice piece of information and analysis touching points I haven't seen covered elsewhere. Kilgore is referring specifically to the current situation in Mississippi regarding the Cochran/McDaniel race, but it applies to many other places.

The idea that becoming more conservative is going to lift the prospects of Republicans among African-Americans is a complete hallucination. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say, reflecting [McDaniel campaign manager Melanie] Sojourner’s comments, that conservatives want African-Americans to change before they are worthy of outreach. And in a place like Mississippi, that means the GOP will remain the White People’s Party perpetually fearing black encroachment on its White Primary by “corrupt” pols like Cochran who dare suggest that representing constituents is more important than maintaining pure conservative ideology.

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